Current Stockists

Current Stockists

Room Shop is available for wholesale through Marked Showroom. If you have any questions about wholesale - please email

Ritual Shop Philadelphia, PA

Fringe Salon Philadelphia, PA

Midnight Lunch, Philadelphia

Sora boutique  NY, NY

Lolo NYC Brooklyn, NY

Marché Rue Dix Brooklyn, NY

Intentionally Blank, Hudson, NY

Upstate Capital Market Kingston, NY


Lost Girls Vintage, Chicago IL

Ponnopozz Chicago, IL

Coup D'état, Detroit, MI


Go Easy Shop Dallas and Houston, TX

Thank you for Shopping, Lubbock, TX

Edge of Urge, Raleigh, NC

 Tender Loving Empire, Portland

Ali Golden, Oakland, CA

Crush and Touch, Los Angeles, CA

MARKT Los Angeles, CA

unseen addiction Belmont, CA


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